Thulite (Pink Zoisite)

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Thulite (Pink Zoisite)

In addition to the properties of Zoisite, this stone beings a dramatic connection with life force. It combines love with logic and explores other dualities of the human condition.

Stimulates extrovert and passionate aspects of the personality

Did you know that the name Thulite comes from 'Thule', the ancient name for Norway?

A crystal of passion, love and devotion, Thulite gives you confidence and helps you to tap into inventive and creative flow. It is a dramatic stone that can bring out your sensual, sexual side. Work with Thulite to ignite passion and to attract more love and excitement into your life. Use it to overcome any resistance you are experiencing. If you have problems that need solving, Thulite can help you to connect with innovative solutions and balances logic with emotion for powerful results.
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