Selenite Set of 2 Harmonisers

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Harmonisers work in pairs. Hold one in each hand. Use in meditation or healing.

The term harmonizers are used for two stone shapes of different compositions that are used together. They can be in the shape of cylinders, spheres, or eggs. This tradition of paired harmonizers comes from ancient Egypt. The pharaohs are often represented holding a cylinder in each hand while surrounded by two divinities symbolising ba and ka energy polarities. It is said that a current of subtle energy runs through the body of the person holding the cylinders. The type of energising and rebalancing effect of this energetic flow is related to the specific qualities of the different stones used.

Selenite facilitates the experience of receiving inner guidance and connects us to the Higher Realms of Angels and Guides. When using them hold the intention of receiving guidance or contacting the Higher realms. Selenite also amplifies other Crystals energies so you get a huge amount of energetic balancing.

White Selenite: “Moonlike Glow”

Named after the Ancient Greek moon goddess, Selene, this high vibrational and versatile crystal is so good for so many different aspects of our spiritual, emotional, mental and physical healing. It has a soft but intense energy that can be used in many ways.
As its origins suggest, this is an excellent crystal to connect us with the lunar energies and to tap into our connection with the cycles of the moon. It is good for fertility and motherhood.
Selenite is particularly good for cleansing and purifying energy, especially the aura and chakras. Assists with balancing and harmonising and bringing peace and calm.
Use Selenite for pain relief - to soothe and support physical aches and pains but also to ease emotional trauma and difficulty.
Work with White Selenite to connect with the Divine/White Light and Christ/Angelic Consciousness. It can help to anchor the light body in the earth vibration.
You can use Selenite for scrying and dream work. It is excellent for working in the higher chakras (Crown, Soul Star, Stellar Gateway) and assists us in deepening our connection with our Higher/God Self.
Good for protection around a space/environment and is especially good for shielding the aura.
Selenite stabilises erratic emotions and brings conscious understanding of what is happening at a subconscious level. It is also good in assisting with reconciliation and 'calming the waters' of a difficult situation or relationship.
** Take care with Selenite not to expose it to water (if you are making a gem essence, use the double bowl water bath technique). The crystal is porous and will be damaged if it gets wet. **
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