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These unique beauties are red and purple amethyst. The red comes from the inclusion of hematite. There is also some smoky quartz running through these pieces.


Third Eye/Soma/Crown/Higher Crown Chakra * Aquarius Pisces

Encourages spiritual wisdom and selflessness. Promotes love of the divine. Enhances metaphysical abilities. Use in meditation and scrying. Guards against psychic attack. Harmonises the bodies and purifies the aura. Balances the emotions. Enhances memory and improves motivation.

In addition to the properties of purple amethyst,:

"The Red Amethyst with its addition of Hematite, is producing a crystal cluster that brings the amethyst the additional energy of courage, tenacity, inner strength, romance, and passion.

The Red Amethyst is also being found to be more effective in balancing the Base Chakra than the Crown Chakra.

This Red Amethyst seems to be a stone useful for repairing damage from wounds to someone's sense of worth. If you are recovering from a damaged relationship, this is the strength you need." (Crystal Vaults)

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