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Kit includes 1 x White Sage bundle, 1 X Palo Santo stick, 1 x Abalone Shell + instructions for use. Work with either of these ‘tools’ for cleansing the energies in your space.

Palo Santo - "Holy Wood"

Part of the citrus family, Palo Santo has sweet notes of pine, mint and lemon.. It creates a pleasant, fresh smoke with an uplifting scent.

Use Palo Santo:
to cleanse your space
to clear negative energy
to raise your vibration
in preparation for meditation
to encourage a deeper connection to Source
to inspire creativity
to keep energies grounded and clear

The spiritual properties come during the death of the tree. Each tree lives for up to 90 years and then lies dead for at least four years before any wood is harvested for rituals. It’s during this time, when the living tree transforms, that it gains its sacred properties.

White Sage is reknowned for its cleansing and purifying properties and is a favourite amongst those who work with energy.

Use it to cleanse your aura, your chakras and your space.

Abalone Shell

Place the burned stick or sage into the Abalone shell after burning. The shell also represents the water element during your cleansing ritual.

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